Ralph Lemon: How can you stay in the house all day and not go anywhere?

I’m working on a short piece about Ralph Lemon’s latest piece, How can you stay in the house and not go anywhere?.  As I’ve just begun writing, I’m loathe to reveal these unrefined thoughts.  Let it suffice to say that Lemon is an incredibly thoughtful, accomplished artist, who undoubtedly merits his high stature among American choreographers.  Indeed, his choreography is electric, perhaps the most fully formed, fearless dance vocabulary composed by an American  that I have seen in recent years.  Furthermore, the subject of the piece intersects with two areas of artistic inquiry that I believe are currently emerging in the works of leading choreographers: narrative structure and the legacy of Tanztheater.  However, rather than elaborating on these ideas, I would instead prefer to share the diverse materials related to the performance that I have been collecting.  This haphazard collection of materials reflects Lemon’s diaristic idiom, which also informs How can you stay? His fondness for the artist’s journal as a form is especially evident on his personal website.   (Apropos of the diary as aesthetic paradigm: this topic is decidedly relevant to my more lengthy– i.e. dissertation-based– writing on Chantal Akerman and archival communicability…)


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