Le Théâtre du Soleil’s Les Ephémères on the Internet


Click on the image to visit the Théâtre du Soleil's website, where you can find their new work, Les Ephémères.

The Théâtre du Soleil currently has put what seems to be their entire latest production on the Internet!  This is a tremendous treat, as du Soleil is one of the most influential experimental theatre groups of the second half of the 20th century, and their work, even after living in France for eight months, has always eluded me.  It is also playing at the Lincoln Center Festival this summer, and presumably in light of recent financial troubles, ticket prices have been reduced– from a hundred to only seventy-five dollars!  This is a scandalous amount of money, especially given the group’s French Socialist roots and populist sentiments, and the Lincoln Center’s upper class pricing scheme prevented me from seeing their last work, Tambours sur la digue.

In short, this is a vast improvement, and I will post a response here as soon as I find time to watch their three hour epic…

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