tanznacht berlin 4.12-7.12


Tanznacht Berlin, a four-day marathon festival featuring what appears to be the regulars of Berlin’s local dance scene: Laurent Chétouane, the post theatre, Vanessa Huber, Felix Ruckert, Two Fish, Frédéric Gies…

A curious standout: Nik Haffner– a former Forsythe dancer– on Saturday night at 21:00.

There are others, of course, (it’s a marathon), but I must confess a lack of familiarity with much of their work.  It takes considerable time/effort/money to engage in this emerging network of artists, especially when Berlin also frequently hosts internationally known artists, such as Johnathan Burrows, (performing this Friday at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt as part of the Gestures conference), and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (Berliner Festspiele).

Live Stream

however, the tanznacht– apart from the curiosity of its trademark lo-fi Berlin mise-en-scene amid a giant trailer park on the city’s periphery– is being broadcast (and rebroadcast) on the Offener Kanal Berlin, which has a live stream.  It’s a great chance to get a feeling for the local scene in Berlin.  A note of warning: I tried the live stream last week and struggled somewhat with it, but am hoping to have more success in the coming evenings…

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